Giving back to Hamilton —local carpenters you can trust

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations is one local business in Hamilton that’s been around for years and has proved their vested interest in the community by using their success to give back. What is it that motivates a profitable company to freely donate their time, focus and resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and communities they serve?

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, with its roots planted in British and Canadian history, was one of the businesses that lent a voluntary hand in support of a historic event intertwining the cultural past of these two nations. It started with Hamilton’s own Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Located right at the Hamilton International Airport, this sprawling museum houses artifacts, memorabilia and a vast collection of aircraft were flown by the Canadian military starting from World War II up to the present.

One of the brightest jewels in the museum’s crown is the Avro Lancaster, probably the most famous bomber flown during World War II. Of the over 7300 Lancasters that were built during the war, only a handful remain intact today, and only two in the world still airworthy—one owned by Britain’s Royal Air Force, and the other housed right here in Hamilton at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

This past August, Canada’s own Lancaster bomber made a historic flight across the ocean to meet up with its twin for a series of events and activities, including exciting air shows where the sister planes showed off their aeronautical prowess. But before the transatlantic trip, much work went into preparing the antique bomber. BritCan Carpentry was a proud supporter of these efforts and lent time and resources to make the historic trip a success.

Such voluntary contributions to the community are just one way that BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations expresses its long term interest in the people and environment that has made it a trusted resource for home renovations in Hamilton. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations at or on Goldbook.

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