Choosing the right contractor—it’s critical for home renovations

Britcan Carpentry & Home Renovations has been renovating homes in Hamilton for years and is so confident that they back their work with a two-year warranty. But, with renovation fever continuing unabated, consumers often jump into projects without thoroughly investigating a critical factor—finding the right contractor.

Consider a few basics that you should never neglect when shopping around for a build and renovation professional.

Word of mouth—Asking friends and family for recommendations is the best place to start. Trusted acquaintances can give you reliable testimony and put you in direct contact with contractors that they were happy with in the past. At worst, they can steer you away from companies to avoid.

Preliminary interviews—Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, call up each contractor to find out how long they’ve been in business and what experience they’ve had with similar renovations. A simple phone conversation can give you a feel for the kind of businessperson you may be dealing with. If the way they handle your questions seems unprofessional, this may be a sign that their handy work will reflect a similar lack of polish and quality.

References—A high quality contractor rarely lacks satisfied customers who are ready to pass on a good word. So, don’t be shy to ask for references. Call them up to find out how they liked the work done and whether the contractor finished on time and on budget.

Get it in writing—Never agree to start a renovation project before everything is committed in writing. Make sure the contract clearly states the cost of materials, labour and extra expenses such as work permits. Don’t forget details such as how cleanup will be handled, when and how payments will be made, and expected start and end dates.

Make the decision—While the lowest price may seem attractive, your final decision should include considerations such as the grade of materials the contractor plans to use, quality of workmanship, warranties on the finished results, and level of customer service.

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