Residential carpenters—what these versatile professionals can do for your home

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, Ontario, Hamilton & Surrounding Area

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations in Hamilton has been crafting products for house and home for many years. While most of us think of carpenters as the guys who cut and install wood, these experienced trades people are actually some of the most versatile contractors you’re likely to meet on a renovation or building project.

One of the reasons why carpenters can do so much skilled work is that their trade involves a surprisingly broad array of abilities that come up repeatedly in building and renovation—measuring, cutting, shaping, fitting, installing—all using a wide range of tools and all with great precision. There’s nothing like an expert carpenter to make two pieces come together seamlessly, either in wood or other mediums such as ceramic, plastic and metal. But, just what kind of work can expert carpenters do for your home?

Outdoor projects—Some of the most common outdoor carpentry projects include fences, decks, carports, sheds, and porches. Or, for the more adventurous, carpenters can design and fashion items such as trellises, gazebos, outdoor bars, hot tubs, cabanas, boardwalks and tree houses. The possibilities are almost endless. If you have rotted wood items such as outdoor poles and banisters, a carpenter can also make exact replicas to bring the piece back to life.

Indoor projects—The most typical indoor carpentry work includes the biggies— kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and basement partitions. Carpenters can also craft and install smaller items such as rails, stairs, window and door frames, crown molding, mantels, and baseboards. If in doubt, just ask expert carpenters. Chances are they’ll able to do it.

Everything in between—Remember that carpenters usually possess skills that allow them to work with materials other than wood. It’s not uncommon for carpenters to also be involved in flooring, drywall installation and ceramic tiling. Some even fashion together creative specialties such as chests, wardrobes, furniture, ornamental work and fancy parquetry.

Whatever your home renovation project, check with expert carpenters and you’ll find they can often do much more for your project than you thought. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations at or on Goldbook.

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Top two tips for success on your next building project

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, Ontario, Hamilton & Surrounding Area

After completing hundreds of building projects and home renovations, BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations in Hamilton has seen enough to gather a storehouse of tips for the unwary homeowner. Consider two top pieces of advice that can help you through the emotional, financial and practical roller coaster that homeowners inevitably ride on almost any building project.

Reality budgeting—If you want to limit the chances of your building project spiraling out of financial control, it’s critical that you not only nail down a budget, but one that has already factored in room for the unexpected. Extra parts, newly discovered faults in your existing infrastructure, changes in materials—any number of factors can bump up your expenses once the project starts.

It’s good practice to decide on a maximum budget and use only 80 per cent of that amount for your material and labour costs. Leave the remaining 20 per cent for those unforeseen expenses and you’ll be less likely caught off guard and out of budget. It’s also not a bad idea to factor in an eat-out amount to your budget. This is critical when you’re renovating a kitchen, but also comes in handy when the inconveniences and stress of the project leave you short on time or energy to cook.

Get practical. No renovation or building project comes without a lot of mess, dust and inconvenience. Cover up any furniture or other items that you need protection from the chaos—even if they’re not directly located in the room you’re renovating. Since dust is an insidious traveller of vents and ducts, you’ll be glad you took protective measures once the renovation dust settles.

Even after making alternate plans for how you’re going to eat, sleep or shower, it’s essential that you prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that the project may finish later than expected. Whether its supply delays, absent workers, changes in design plans, newly discovered faults in your existing infrastructure or even weather conditions, unforeseen situations are almost certain to arise. But with a bit of advance psychological armour, you’ll be able to move forward and see your project through to a successful finish. Then it’ll be time to sit back and enjoy the results. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit Britcan Carpentry at or on Goldbook.

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Giving back to Hamilton —local carpenters you can trust

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, Ontario, Hamilton & Surrounding Area

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations is one local business in Hamilton that’s been around for years and has proved their vested interest in the community by using their success to give back. What is it that motivates a profitable company to freely donate their time, focus and resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and communities they serve?

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, with its roots planted in British and Canadian history, was one of the businesses that lent a voluntary hand in support of a historic event intertwining the cultural past of these two nations. It started with Hamilton’s own Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Located right at the Hamilton International Airport, this sprawling museum houses artifacts, memorabilia and a vast collection of aircraft were flown by the Canadian military starting from World War II up to the present.

One of the brightest jewels in the museum’s crown is the Avro Lancaster, probably the most famous bomber flown during World War II. Of the over 7300 Lancasters that were built during the war, only a handful remain intact today, and only two in the world still airworthy—one owned by Britain’s Royal Air Force, and the other housed right here in Hamilton at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

This past August, Canada’s own Lancaster bomber made a historic flight across the ocean to meet up with its twin for a series of events and activities, including exciting air shows where the sister planes showed off their aeronautical prowess. But before the transatlantic trip, much work went into preparing the antique bomber. BritCan Carpentry was a proud supporter of these efforts and lent time and resources to make the historic trip a success.

Such voluntary contributions to the community are just one way that BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations expresses its long term interest in the people and environment that has made it a trusted resource for home renovations in Hamilton. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations at or on Goldbook.

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Choosing the right contractor—it’s critical for home renovations

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, Ontario, Hamilton & Surrounding Area

Britcan Carpentry & Home Renovations has been renovating homes in Hamilton for years and is so confident that they back their work with a two-year warranty. But, with renovation fever continuing unabated, consumers often jump into projects without thoroughly investigating a critical factor—finding the right contractor.

Consider a few basics that you should never neglect when shopping around for a build and renovation professional.

Word of mouth—Asking friends and family for recommendations is the best place to start. Trusted acquaintances can give you reliable testimony and put you in direct contact with contractors that they were happy with in the past. At worst, they can steer you away from companies to avoid.

Preliminary interviews—Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, call up each contractor to find out how long they’ve been in business and what experience they’ve had with similar renovations. A simple phone conversation can give you a feel for the kind of businessperson you may be dealing with. If the way they handle your questions seems unprofessional, this may be a sign that their handy work will reflect a similar lack of polish and quality.

References—A high quality contractor rarely lacks satisfied customers who are ready to pass on a good word. So, don’t be shy to ask for references. Call them up to find out how they liked the work done and whether the contractor finished on time and on budget.

Get it in writing—Never agree to start a renovation project before everything is committed in writing. Make sure the contract clearly states the cost of materials, labour and extra expenses such as work permits. Don’t forget details such as how cleanup will be handled, when and how payments will be made, and expected start and end dates.

Make the decision—While the lowest price may seem attractive, your final decision should include considerations such as the grade of materials the contractor plans to use, quality of workmanship, warranties on the finished results, and level of customer service.

For more information on high quality home renovations, visit Britcan Carpentry & Home Renovations at or on Goldbook.

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BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations, Ontario, Hamilton & Surrounding Area

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations has earned an outstanding reputation in Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding areas for their high quality craftsmanship.

The company was formed shortly after a group of British men, all skilled carpenters and general contractors, moved across the pond and settled in Hamilton. Their team prides themselves on providing exceptional service and renovations, and they stand by their motto: “big enough to cope, small enough to care.”

Their team is capable of taking on any size project, big or small, and no matter the job, you can count on their friendly, professional attitude. The team that arrives on the first day will be the team that’s there on the last day of the project. You will see the same contractors day in and day out throughout your project, and they will get to know you and your family. By the end, you might even be sad to see them go!

You can count on BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations for improvements both inside and outside your home. Their skilled and experienced team specializes in renovating kitchens, bathrooms and basements – transforming these spaces into places that are both fashionable and functional. Just want to freshen up a room or two? Count on them to install new flooring, including laminate, hardwood and ceramic tile. They can also install new drywall, whether yours is damaged or you are creating new walls in your home.

Enjoy the outdoors more with help from BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations. With their carpentry skills, they can build you fences, decks and sheds to give you more privacy, usable space and storage space. Their team can also create a beautiful porch for you to welcome guests to your home.

BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations is happy to work with you and your insurance company to complete repairs after a flood, fire or other damaging incident.

Browse through their gallery to see examples of their work.

For more information or to request a free estimate, call 905-928-1128 or send an email.

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