Residential carpenters—what these versatile professionals can do for your home

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BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations in Hamilton has been crafting products for house and home for many years. While most of us think of carpenters as the guys who cut and install wood, these experienced trades people are actually some of the most versatile contractors you’re likely to meet on a renovation or building project.

One of the reasons why carpenters can do so much skilled work is that their trade involves a surprisingly broad array of abilities that come up repeatedly in building and renovation—measuring, cutting, shaping, fitting, installing—all using a wide range of tools and all with great precision. There’s nothing like an expert carpenter to make two pieces come together seamlessly, either in wood or other mediums such as ceramic, plastic and metal. But, just what kind of work can expert carpenters do for your home?

Outdoor projects—Some of the most common outdoor carpentry projects include fences, decks, carports, sheds, and porches. Or, for the more adventurous, carpenters can design and fashion items such as trellises, gazebos, outdoor bars, hot tubs, cabanas, boardwalks and tree houses. The possibilities are almost endless. If you have rotted wood items such as outdoor poles and banisters, a carpenter can also make exact replicas to bring the piece back to life.

Indoor projects—The most typical indoor carpentry work includes the biggies— kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and basement partitions. Carpenters can also craft and install smaller items such as rails, stairs, window and door frames, crown molding, mantels, and baseboards. If in doubt, just ask expert carpenters. Chances are they’ll able to do it.

Everything in between—Remember that carpenters usually possess skills that allow them to work with materials other than wood. It’s not uncommon for carpenters to also be involved in flooring, drywall installation and ceramic tiling. Some even fashion together creative specialties such as chests, wardrobes, furniture, ornamental work and fancy parquetry.

Whatever your home renovation project, check with expert carpenters and you’ll find they can often do much more for your project than you thought. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations at or on Goldbook.

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