Top two tips for success on your next building project

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After completing hundreds of building projects and home renovations, BritCan Carpentry & Home Renovations in Hamilton has seen enough to gather a storehouse of tips for the unwary homeowner. Consider two top pieces of advice that can help you through the emotional, financial and practical roller coaster that homeowners inevitably ride on almost any building project.

Reality budgeting—If you want to limit the chances of your building project spiraling out of financial control, it’s critical that you not only nail down a budget, but one that has already factored in room for the unexpected. Extra parts, newly discovered faults in your existing infrastructure, changes in materials—any number of factors can bump up your expenses once the project starts.

It’s good practice to decide on a maximum budget and use only 80 per cent of that amount for your material and labour costs. Leave the remaining 20 per cent for those unforeseen expenses and you’ll be less likely caught off guard and out of budget. It’s also not a bad idea to factor in an eat-out amount to your budget. This is critical when you’re renovating a kitchen, but also comes in handy when the inconveniences and stress of the project leave you short on time or energy to cook.

Get practical. No renovation or building project comes without a lot of mess, dust and inconvenience. Cover up any furniture or other items that you need protection from the chaos—even if they’re not directly located in the room you’re renovating. Since dust is an insidious traveller of vents and ducts, you’ll be glad you took protective measures once the renovation dust settles.

Even after making alternate plans for how you’re going to eat, sleep or shower, it’s essential that you prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that the project may finish later than expected. Whether its supply delays, absent workers, changes in design plans, newly discovered faults in your existing infrastructure or even weather conditions, unforeseen situations are almost certain to arise. But with a bit of advance psychological armour, you’ll be able to move forward and see your project through to a successful finish. Then it’ll be time to sit back and enjoy the results. For more information on high quality home renovations, visit Britcan Carpentry at or on Goldbook.

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